Aka-Brief is a preparation method with all the parameters for the individual preparation steps. 

In addition, a micrograph is shown with the expected preparation result after each step.
This makes it possible for you to determine whether the individual steps have been successfully completed or if something needs to change.

On the second page, you will see several micrographs showing the final result.

There are two different types of preparation methods: Specific Methods for certain materials and General Methods for a range of materials based on their hardness. All methods are carefully optimized to provide the best possible quality at the lowest possible cost.

Click on a link below to view and download the Aka-Brief for a specific material or range of materials.

Specific Methods
Ceramic Capacitors
Pure Titanium NEW
Titanium Alloys NEW
Aluminium Alloys NEW
Plasma Spray Coated Parts
Coated Sintered Carbides
Stainless and Duplex Steels NEW
Carbon Composites
Electronic Components NEW
Cast Iron NEW
Zinc Coated Steel NEW
Nitrided Steel NEW
Surface Hardened Steel NEW
Superalloys with Diffusion Coatings NEW
Superalloys NEW

General Methods
Soft Materials 50-150 HV
Medium Soft Materials 150-400 HV
Medium Hard Materials 400-700 HV
Hard Materials 700-2000 HV

Below you find our cut-off wheel and mounting resin recommendations for each Aka-Brief
Aka-Brief Cut-off Wheel Recommendation NEW
Aka-Brief Mounting Resin Recommendation NEW

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