Sample Preparation

Akasel's approach to metallography is to develop and share simple solutions for the Great People of Metallography.

This approach is implemented in the way we share our expertise and our products. Metallography should be simple and easy to understand.

This is why we have developed the Aka-Brief.

Aka-Brief is a preparation method with all the parameters for the individual preparation steps. It includes a micrograph of how the sample should look after each preparation step.

An easy and convincing way to test the Akasel approach to metallographic sample preparation is the Demo-Kit.

A Demo-Kit contains all the necessary consumables to run and test the method presented in an Aka-Brief. The Demo-Kit contains all the grinding and polishing discs and suspensions necessary to prepare up to 50 samples as well as the matching Aka-Brief, the required User guides and the Akasel brochures.

Below you find our cut-off wheel recommendation for each Aka-Brief
Aka-Brief Cut-off Wheel Recommendation

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