Polishing Cloths

The Akasel polishing cloths are developed and produced at our facilities in Denmark and we can therefore guarantee the uniformity and quality of every polishing cloth. It also means that apart from the standard sizes, we can provide any size or diameter up to 1250 mm on request.

The Akasel polishing cloths (Aka-) provide several advantages: A water, ethanol and oil resistant polymer barrier layer laminated to the cloth fiber, protects the cloth texture from wear and assures that the diamonds are kept in good contact with the sample surface giving a fast preparation at a minimum cost. A low tack glue keeps the cloth safely on the disc yet allows for easy removal without leaving any residuals on the preparation disc.

The Mag-type polishing cloths for use on magnetic support discs are identical to the cloths described above, but laminated on steel discs. These steel discs are equipped with 3 tabs for easy removal.

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