Complete range

Our lubricants have an unmatched combination of removal rate and surface finish. We utilise a 2 phase system, with a particle size in the nano-range. This allows for the lubricant to get in between the diamond and the sample, where the actual cutting is taking place.

Water based

Aka-Lube Clear+ with the thinnest lubricating film, used where material removal is most important.

Aka-Lube Green with a thin lubricating film, used where material removal in combination with the finish is most important.

Aka-Lube Red has the thickest film and is used for final polishing where the finish is more important.

Aka-Lube Yellow ranges between Red and Green; and is used where Lubricant Green is too aggressive, or as a general Lubricant.

Water free

Aka-Lube Clear is a water free, non-flammable polymer based version of Aka-Lube Clear+ with a very thin lubrication film.

Aka-Lube Blue is a traditional, ethanol based lubricant with a very thin lubrication film used for high removal or water-free preparation.

Aka-Lube Blue Concentrate is a non-hazardous concentrate that is mixed with 99% Ethanol to make your own Aka-Lube Blue.