Magnetic Adaptation

The convinience of a magnetic support disc system where the surfaces come on and off very easy, dominates the preparation discs today.

A number of preparation surfaces like grinding paper are not magnetic, and therefore need an adaptation disc.

Aka-Rhaco is used for plain backed grinding paper or a non adhesive polishing cloth. Aka-Rhaco has an adhesive surface that is not really an adhesive. Rather it adheres by contact on the molecular level, the same effect that allows a small Rhaco or Gekko to adhere to the ceiling. Unlike an adhesive surface the Rhaco surface can be used over and over again. We have users that repeatably get 1200 applications out of one Rhaco disc.

Aka-Ronan is used with self-adhesive polishing cloths or grinding paper. It is a hard steel disc with a special 3D polymer surface that allows quick and easy placement of a self-adhesive disc. The 3D surface allows the escape of air and thus the teadius problem with trapped air-bubbles is eliminated.

Aka-Magnet is a loose polymer magnet with a permanent adhesive. Just glue it on to an old aluminium disc to upgrade it to a magnetic support disc, or replace a worn out magnet.