Diamond Suspensions

Our Aka-Suspensions are traditional diamond suspensions to be used together with lubricant.
Aka-Poly and Aka-Mono offer a very high concentration of 20 ct/liter probably higher than any other products on the market.

If you require very fast preparation, you should choose Aka-Poly+ or Aka-Mono+. With a concentration of 40 ct/liter, the preparation time can be reduced with up to 50%.

Both types of suspension can be used with any of our lubricants for the preparation of all kinds of materials. The suspensions will never settle and the liquid itself is naturally environmental friendly.

When you are preparing water-sensitive materials, Aka-Poly WF is your choice. Based on glycol, they contain less than 0.1% water and not being oil-based, samples are easily cleaned after preparation.

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