Mono- and polycrystalline 15 µm to 0.25 µm

Dosing of only one liquid, instead of both suspension and lubricant makes preparation very easy and trouble-free. DiaDoublo is a ready mix of lubricant and suspension, it is permanently stable and thus ensures reproducible results. High removal rates allows for quick preparation time.

  • Quick preparation
  • Reproducible results
  • Easy cleaning
  • Water-based, no hazard warnings
  • Biodegradable
  • Full Range

Based on our lubricant Aka-Lube, Yellow and our diamond suspensions Aka-Mono and Aka-Poly, we have formulated a combination product, which makes dosing as easy as can be.

All grain sizes in both mono- and polycrystalline diamonds are available as DiaDoublo.

Contrary to competing two-in-one diamond suspensions; DiaDoublo is perfectly compatible with any polishing or fine-grinding surface, thus you can work with the usual micron sizes.

DiaDoublo contains solely mono- or polycrystalline diamonds.