Diamond Products

Akasel offers one of the largest ranges of diamond products. High-quality 2-in-1 Diamond Suspensions, traditional Diamond Suspensions, Diamond Sticks, Diamond Pastes and Diamond Sprays are developed and manufactured at our Danish facility, ensuring the best performing products at an affordable price.

We carefully select diamonds with uniform geometry and narrow tolerances and use these to manufacture products with a very high diamond concentration. Consequently, you will always obtain reproducible results with uniform material removal and excellent surface finish. Both diamond type, concentration and distribution are stated on the labels. All products come in sizes from 15-1 µm and for specific products even a 0.05 µm/50 nanometer size is available.

Most of our products are available with either poly- or monocrystalline diamonds. Monocrystalline diamonds are typically less expensive, and more blocky in shape. Polycrystalline diamonds have numerous fine cutting edges and therefore, generally, leave a finer scratch pattern for a given size compared to monocrystalline diamonds.

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