Plane Grinding

Our high-quality grinding paper Rhaco Grit can be used for all types of materials. However, it is the optimal choice for grinding of soft and ductile materials. Rhaco Grit provides long lifetime in addition to good planeness and edge retention. Rhaco Grit P120-P320 is based on Al2O3 which means that the lifetime is 2-3 times longer providing at least 100% higher material removal compared to regular SiC Paper. 

When used with our unique Aka-Rhaco, Rhaco Grit can substitute expensive PSA or foil backed grinding papers. Aka-Rhaco is a thin steel disc with a soft polymer coating to hold grinding paper. Aka-Rhaco lasts for up to 1000 applications and is optimised to be used with Rhaco Grit grinding paper.

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