Hot Mounting

Hot mounting compounds for use in hot-mounting presses.

Aka-Resin, Epoxy a black mineral filled thermosetting resin for the best possible mounting.
Aka-Resin, Acrylic a transparent thermoplastic resin for crystal clear mounts.
Aka-Resin, Melamine a white mineral filled thermosetting resin for universal good mounting.
Aka-Resin, Phenolic a black wood filled thermosetting resin for back filling1.
Aka-Resin, SEM a black carbon filled thermosetting resin for conductive mounting used in SEM work.

1Aka-Resin, Phenolic should never be used by itself due to the inherent high shrinkage that can cause major problems with contamination and scratches during polishing. It is highly recommended to cover the sample with a low shrinking resin and then back-fill with phenolic resin. All hot mounting resins can be back-filled with phenolic resin.